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Cap’s Cutlery

" met Susanna Kelham through my wife Morgan about six years ago. She had been a family friend for over 15 years and immediately welcomed me into her home. We have since spent countless holidays, special occasions, and just because get togethers with each other. I now consider Susanna family and in fact I owe her thanks for providing the inspiration to start making knives.”

“One summer for my birthday Susanna gifted me a very high end Chef’s Knife that opened my eyes to how kitchen knives could perform. It cut so effortlessly and was so different than anything I had used before. I wanted to add more to the collection but they were a little out of my price range at the time so I decided to see if I could make something that looked and performed as good as the knife she gave me. That is when Cap’s Cutlery was born!” -

Cap’s Cutlery

Jay uses only the highest quality materials to craft his handmade knives. Whether you’re a professional chef, or an avid home cook, high quality knives are an essential tool in the kitchen. Cap’s Cutlery kitchen knives feature thin blade geometry for incredible slicing performance and high hardness steels for long lasting razor sharp edges.

Visit: https://www.capscutlery.com/

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