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Charm Necklaces

Updated: May 20, 2021

Here is one of my favorite things that change with......where I’m going, what’s the occasion, what is My Mood! It’s called “My CharmNecklace”! They are all individual Charms, from my Grand Parents, My Mother, My Sweet Husband, and My Travels!

For instance, the Watering Can be from my Son Hamilton, because I am a Gardner, the Onex round medallion has a carved Queen Bee on it because I am my Husbands Queen Bee, the Gold basket is from a Shop In Florida we bought on a Golf Trip, the Locket was my Grandfather’s and has a picture of my Mother in it. He wore it as a Watch Fob every day and the Thimble was my Grandmothers!

It’s as if you create “Your Own Story” The reason I love this is that you can CHANGE the configuration of the charms, simply and easily.

Very Important, how you add and subtract your Charms with the charm necklace. Call Marcus and Wayne at Patina Estate Jewelry in St Helena.

Contact Information:

Marcus Robbins (707)963-3198

Patina@patinajewelry https://patinajewelry.com/

Store Address:

1342 Main Street

St. Helena, CA 94574

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