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Gerard Puvis

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Gerard Puvis is recognized as one of France's great contemporary artists. His exhibitions have shown worldwide from Japan to Spain. He has permanent displays at the Galerie Blondel and the Chateaux Bordeaux exhibit at the Georges Pompindou Center in Paris.

Gerard Puvis hated to waste the beautiful neck foils of

wine and now has turned them into magical figures of chefs and winemakers dancing across fine paper. Thus was born a comedy of the vine; all dressed in lead and sculptured in the dance

of the joy of wine.

Gerard Puvis has conquered the world of wine lovers and art lovers throughout Europe. These prints come from original sculptures commissioned by the finest wine estates in France, and now for Kelham Vineyards. The original sculptures are highly prized and Puvis gives the rights for limited edition reproduction to one of France's finest engravers, Maulinvaut in Lyon. The prints are created from handmade copper engravings from an original plate, they are then embossed and sealed with the foils. The prints comprise the same wine capsules as the original; sculpture. The finest quality of printing and engraving give these editions great collectible value and one of a kind ownership.

Available Art:

Lg $275.00 +sh or Sm $150.00

For inquires and more please susannakelham@icloud.com

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