• Susanna Kelham

Italian Wine Specials

I have to say, and yes, this is a confession, I Love Italian Wine and Food! The simplicity together with the freshness always makes me happy, as well leaving me always wanting more!

So when I found this wonderful man, Andrea Sorlini Bifolchi, (introduced to me by a dear friend Dan Marks), that shared the same passions as me, it was Kismet! I came to learn he had a small Wine Shop in Montepulciano as well as an epic Restaurant and Bakery.

Needless to say Andrea has become a dear friend and has shared some of the most amazing wines from the neighboring Wineries and Vineyards and beyond!

To find small Italian family winery production for sale in the United States is almost impossible and if you do, they are ridiculously expensive. Now the good part, Andrea has a Wine Club! AND all the prices include shipping because they are warehoused in CT.

Now you can order the wine here! Fill out the form below and I will call to confirm details and arrange payment. Take it from me you will love this wine.


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